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MUSC Research Calendar

To the MUSC Research Community:
On behalf of Vice President for Research, Dr. Kathleen Brady,  we are pleased to announce the creation of a new online MUSC Research Events Calendar available to our community.
The Research Calendar provides a one-stop shop to view research events that are open to the MUSC community and external public audiences.  The calendar provides views by date or by calendar month, and has a tab for viewing clinical trials for recruitment that are not typically bounded by date ranges.  Public audiences can view events by going to the research homepage and click on Upcoming MUSC Research Events.

  • To view a list of upcoming events:
  • To view the full calendar by month:
  • To submit events to the Research Calendar  :  
  • Please be sure the event you submit is open to the MUSC community (i.e., department specific events, or those for an invitation only audience are not appropriate for the Research Calendar).
  • Both the “full calendar” and “submit an event” pages are restricted to the MUSC network.  The page that lists the next 10 events is open to the public.


Many thanks to Kristi Adams, Carla Frichtel, and Teresa Kelechi for this support of this endeavor!
Loretta Lynch-Reichert, M.S.
Director, Office of Strategic Initiatives and Policy Management
Office of the Provost
Medical University of South Carolina