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NIH Notice NOT-OD-17-049: FY2017 NIH Salary Cap - Interim Guidance

Per NIH notice NOT-OD-17-049, the new NIH salary cap is $187,000 effective January 8, 2017

Salaries up to this new $187,000 level are allowed to be charged starting January 8, 2017, to NIH funded grants provided the necessary funds are available.

NOTE: No additional funds will be provided by NIH.

Once the Department of Health and Human Services Appropriation for FY 2017 is enacted, NIH will publish the annual Notice of legislative mandates to provide information on any statutory provisions that limit the use of NIH grant funds in FY 2017.  Additional guidance on the salary cap will also be provided at that time. 

For those planning to make payroll adjustments due to this salary cap increase, we encourage using February 1st, 2017, as the start date for any changes.  Start dates other than the first day of the month may lead to errors due to the manual calculations required.

When preparing all future NIH grant proposals, please use the new salary cap maximum.  Both the ORSP Proposal Preparation page and Cayuse data are being updated to reflect the new NIH Salary Cap level.